Thank you for requesting a free SEO audit from the SEO Brothers. 

Please indicate when you need this audit by and we will try our best to deliver it on time. Typically, it can take up to 2-4 business days for free audits as they are completed manually by your strategist.

Please note that our Campaign Discovery is getting a bit of a refresher!

We are in the process of optimizing our campaign discovery process to ensure that we provide the best possible solution and plan for your potential clients. The new discovery process will include:

  • Better keyword insight to demonstrate opportunity and specific growth potential 
  • A specific campaign proposal (for various price points based on your budget) that outline:
    • The recommended budget
    • The goal or priority for the campaign
    • The strategic approach to reach the goal
    • The specific monthly deliverables 
    • The expectations for success and timeline.
  • More alignment between our discovery process and your intake and client data.
  • More alignment between our discovery deliverable and where you are in the sales process.

This process will be rolled out throughout the end of September 2023. However, if you would like to ensure you get these discoveries sooner than later please reach out and let us know!


Latest update: November 2023 | Changes have been made to the "What do you want returned?" field. We encourage all of you to order whichever you'd like. However, if you need a quick turnaround time with website insights, please consider the Loom video deliverable. If you need a really fast turnaround time with a "gut check", please consider the e-mail reply option. 

Please note: Only the first option for the "What do you want returned?" field will deliver a full Google sheet-based site audit, complete with recommendations, findings, data, and proposal. Happy Auditing! 

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